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Customer Testimonials

September 31, 2017

Dear Israel,
It is delightful to receive a response from you which not only shows that you actually read my entire email, but also responds to each point with self-responsibility and helpful solutions. You have increased my already high estimation of Perillo BMW.
For about 15 years now, we have had all our service performed at Perillo BMW (except those few times something needed to be done while we were out of town) and will not only continue to do so, but will also shop for our next vehicle (within the next couple of months) at your dealership.

Patrick W.

August 7, 2017

I purchased a 2011 BMW 2017 328xi yesterday, and I wanted to share my experience with you. In this era of shoddy and often less than professional customer service, it was especially gratifying to receive absolutely stellar service from the three people I worked with at Perillo.
Dan Cobb was the first contact person, and he could not have been more accommodating and welcoming. As we looked at a couple of cars together, he was patient, low-key, and completely in tune with my needs as a client.
Since Dan was leaving on a vacation that evening, he transitioned me to Garrett Goldstein. Garrett was truly superb at this job. Again, he was very in synch with my needs, questions, concerns. He went above and beyond to deliver excellent customer service, including accompanying my husband and me to our mechanic for an inspection of the vehicle we selected. Garrett also conducted the negotiation on the price in an extremely professional manner.
Yesterday, when we came in to complete the purchase, we worked with Sebastian Zielinksi. Again, he was just wonderful. Extremely professional, knowledgeable and easy to work with. I have always hated the "closing" of a car purchase, and Sebastian made it actually pleasant!
You and your staff are to be congratulated on the kind of shop you run. I guess that's why we have returned over the years to purchase our cars from Perillo.

Eric K.

May 22,2017

I would like to thank Alex for excellent customer service. I really appreciated his effort in seeing that I could get home on the day planned and following up daily to provide service updates.
If I lived in Chicago, Perillo would be my service center.

Sandra S.

May 4, 2017

I just had to email you and tell you what a great experience I had today with my service advisor Alex! I've been coming to Perillo for six years and have always had an okay experience with service, but excellent with sales. However, Alex really went above and beyond today. The minute I walked in to pick my car up tonight he came in, knew who I was and what car I had before I said anything. He spoke with me and wanted to confirm that my sensors were working correctly before I left.

When I dropped off my X4, he clearly stated the timing of getting my car back...knowing that it was important because I didn't have a loaner car. Alex called me when he said he would, which has not always been my experience in the past with other advisors. I greatly appreciate his efforts to get my car serviced in one day, promptness on communication, and making sure I was happy with my BMW service.

Thanks so much!

Steph T.

March 29, 2017


Thanks for letting me know about the oil change and helping me with my city sticker. I can't say enough good things about your customer service, Alex. Thanks for always being so knowledgeable, friendly, nice, honest, and not talking down to someone who doesn't know that much about cars. It makes such a huge difference to have someone like you looking out for the car and for me. You're the best and you've got a customer for life! Because of you, I can't recommend Perillo highly enough!

March 28, 2017

Danette!!!! My children and I are back in St Louis now, but I want so much to thank you for everything you've done for us. Receiving this email from you checking on us means more to me than you know as I was in the process of looking up Perillo BMW to express my deep appreciation for you.
You are so amazing Danette! You took great care of me and my children and never once made me feel uncomfortable as a visitor to Chicago. All the events stemming from my initial replacing of a damaged tire to all that followed makes for a great story now, but I have to tell ya, I was so nervous. It took a chunk out of our vacation time, but in the end you took care of us and ENSURED we were driving a road-ready (and safe) BMW, and for that my friend I am forever thankful.
I will tell you this... thanks to YOU Danette, I have a lot of confidence in the BMW team and family. The next time I'm in Chicago I will make it a point to come say hello and see how you're doing.
Rod D.

October 7, 2016

The anomalies associated with this car have been exceptionally frustrating (especially after having no issues with my previous three Beemers).
However, I deeply appreciate the diligence and breadth your team extended in the multitude of efforts to identify root cause.
Let me also take this opportunity to thank Vanessa. While I regret we couldn’t reach a deal on trade, despite the curveball of my circumstances, Vanessa personifies the best in BMW representation.
Mechanical events can go awry but it’s the people which represent the ability to make or break loyalty.
From Service to Sales, you have a top notch team, Mr. Perillo.

Jamey V.

September 29, 2016

I brought my 2011 X3 in because I was having trouble with the keys. Over a period of months, what had been an infrequent inconvenience became a daily headache. It would take several button presses on my key to unlock the door, and I had to be standing right next to the car. Worse, it often took 3-4 presses of the start button to turn on the car. And, I’d have to hold the key to the steering wheel. I didn’t know when I’d find myself completely unable to start the car.
I took the car in a month ago, but your people were absolutely unable to recreate any of the above. Even though it was a daily occurrence for me…
I brought the issue to Stefan’s attention, and he really just dug in. He took the car home himself, he tried to reproduce the error in all kinds of different ways. Still, he couldn’t reproduce it.
He stayed in touch with me and kept working on it for over a week.  He talked to people at BMW and, I think, elsewhere. Finally, he decided to replace a certain antenna. He didn’t know if that would fix the problem, but he said it was the next step in a process of elimination to get to the bottom of the issue.
Well, that was a month ago, and the car has been performing properly. Without Stefan’s help, I think I would have been told, “sorry, we don’t see any problem with the car, and so on…”.
I hope that Perillo appreciates him as much as I did.
Mark P.

September 26, 2016

I didn't get a chance to thank you last week for bringing out your technicians to fix the seatbelt rattle on my car. My wife thanks you and I think you, as it great not to have the annoyance any longer.
Your always excellent service is most appreciated.
Russ C.
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